Monday, March 30, 2009

Since the vaccine

We went last week and I toughed it out and entered the germ-laden office of my son's doctor. I imagined coming in contact with all kinds of deadly things while there, but here it is a week later and I am alive.

He got his Chicken Pox vaccine and ended up getting this golf-ball (diameter, not height and everything) size welt on him arm. He never got a fever, never got any other reaction, and did just fine. The welt is almost totally gone now.

I did fine, too. After learning of my immunity I guess I must have really sold myself on the belief that there was no way I could contract Chicken Pox due to my "super power" like immunity levels.

Of course, incubation for the virus is at least 10 days from exposure, so, um, I guess I'm really not out of the woods yet....

Whew! There's the hypochondriac I know and love. I'm back!

No news on the Fingolimod front is always good news.

Another boring normal day -- and I'm thanking God for it and loving every minute of it! :-)